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The following decision has been adopted at a session of the Board of Directors of BSE-Sofia held under Record of Proceedings No. 47 of 20 September 2017:

With reference to a Resolution passed by the FSC under No. 1220-E of 18 September 2017 regarding the entry of a subsequent issue of shares of Korado Bulgaria AD in the Register of Public Companies and Other Securities Issuers under Art. 30 (1), item 3 of the FSC Act, the Board of Directors of BSE-Sofia admits to trading on the Standard Equities Segment of the BSE Main Market on the grounds of Art. 33 (8) in conjunction with Art. 19 of Part III-Listing Rules a subsequent issue of shares as follows:

- Issuer: Korado Bulgaria AD-Strazhitsa (4KX)
- ISIN of the issue: BG11LUSTAT13
- Amount of the issue prior to the increase: BGN 8,779,076
- Amount of the increase: BGN 4,389,538
- Amount of the issue following the increase: BGN 13,168,614
- Number of shares following the increase: 13,168,614
- Nominal value per share: BGN 1.00 /one Bulgarian lev/
- Type of shares: Common, registered, dematerialised and voting shares
- Date of entry into trade: 25 September 2017 (Monday) 


We would like to inform the shareholders of KORADO-Bulgaria AD that on 20.06.2018 is starting the payment of dividends for year 2017.

The gross amount per share of the company's capital is: 0.26 BGN /twenty-six stotinki/.

The dividends will be paid through the Central depository system and in all branches of UBB / CIBANK.

The shareholders with investor intermediate customer's account should receive the amount of paid dividend though the respective investor intermediate by the Central Depository AD and shareholders with no accounts of investor intermediate - through the branches of UBB / CIBANK in the country.

  • Final date for the payment of dividends: 23.08.2018
  • Number of shares: 13 168 614; Nominal value: 1 BGN
  • Gross dividend per share : 0,26 BGN
  • ISIN code of issue BG11LUSTAT13




In reference to the Regulation  2, article 43 a, paragraph 3, the official public information, which company KORADO-Bulgaria is obliged to submit to shareholders and investors could be obtained through website www.x3news.com, where is published and operated  by Financial Markets Service Ltd. due to the signed Agreement in validity as per 18.02.2008 and Annex as per 21.12.2015

The person in charge of investor relations: Snezhana Petrova Baycheva,

Correspondence address: town of Strazhitsa, 28 Gladstone Street

tel.: +359889445146; +3596161 4245

е-mail: snezhana.baycheva@korado.bg