About us

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We are a dynamic Czech company with a multinational institutional shareholder and we belong to leading world manufacturers of steel radiators. The quality of our radiators has been verified during the 50 year history by more than 30 million customers worldwide. Our philosophy is to offer a complete heating solution and satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding customers.

Our core product range is steel panel radiators RADIK, towel rail radiators KORALUX, design radiators KORATHERM and a complete range of KORADO convectors. We are constantly extending our product range with new radiator models and also with completely new technologies and products. This trend has been confirmed by a successful acquisition of the company LICON HEAT, s.r.o., thanks to which our product range has been extended with a complete range of floor, bench, wall and special convectors. Another new project is a launch of local ventilation and heat recovery units which will significantly extend the product portfolio of our company.

Our vision

Our long-term strategy is to offer a complete heating solution with the emphasis on modern energy saving products and systems which combine an eco-friendly approach with energy savings for the customer. Our aim is to extend our product range with new technologies and products and determine the trends in the world of heating.

Research and development

Our aim is to ensure the maximum quality of production and outstanding technical parameters of our products therefore we employ leading Czech as well as foreign technical experts in the segment of technical and design development and co-operate e.g. with the Technical University in Liberec. Thanks to that we can regularly extend our production range, innovate the existing products and improve their technical, utility and aesthetic parameters. Further on we co-operate with many Czech as well as foreign external specialists and professional associations. Thanks to a regular contact with both professionals and end customers we have an important feedback and practical experience which we consequently apply in our technical development and production. Our effort is to listen to the requirements of our clients and do our best to accommodate them.

ecology and environmental protection

A consistent emphasis on environmental protection even in the design phase of the new production plant ranked us among the most eco-friendly and energy saving manufacturers in the engineering industry not just in the Czech Republic but also in the broader European context. This is testified  for example by energy-saving heat recovery during the production process, comprehensively designed project of waste management, handling of chemicals, prevention of serious accidents or a detailed examination of waste water. Every year we carry out detailed audits of all production processes associated with environmental protection.

History and tradition


First panel radiators manufactured in the former factory KOVENTA.


Installation of the first own-produced multi-spot welding line.


Installation of the first SCHLATTER welding line which brought a significant reduction of manual labour and increase of productivity.


Privatisation of the company KOVENTA and foundation of a private company KORADO.


Initiation of construction of new KORADO plant in the value of almost CZK 3 billion (more than €100 million).


Start of production in the new plant and obtaining the ISO 9001 certification.


Acquisition of 98% share of the production plant in Bulgaria and foundation of a daughter production company KORADO Bulgaria.


Restructuring of the largest daughter companies and a significant positive upturn in company's economy.


Record-breaking volume of produced and sold radiators: for the first time in the company history we produced and sold more than 2 million steel panel radiators.


Initiation of the second biggest investment in the company history (about €25 mil.) into the fourth welding line. The highest turnover in the company history (about €100 million).


Installation of a new technology of capillary soldering for production of towel rail radiators KORALUX.


Integration of the company LICON HEAT into KORADO Group. Thanks to this acquisition we extended our product portfolio with a complete range of convectors.


Introduction of energy saving radiator RADIK RC with a revolutionary technology of controlled flow.

Capital increase of the daughter company KORADO Bulgaria AD with the aim to support further production investments of KORADO Group in Bulgaria.


Introduction of the integrated system solution S-CONTROL, which includes energy-efficient products for heating, cooling and ventilation.

Extension of KORADO Group portfolio with a comprehensive range of local ventilation and heat recovery units.



KORADO Group consists nowadays of three production and three trade companies. Our long-term strategy is to extend our product portfolio constantly and make further investments with the aim to maintain a leading position among European manufacturers of heating products.

Production companies

KORADO, a.s.

In 1996 and 1997 we built up a new production plant for radiators RADIK and KORALUX. This factory built with an investment exceeding 3 billion CZK (more than 100 million EUR) belongs to the most modern factories of this kind in whole Europe. The uniqueness of this plant, which quickly became a dominating feature of the whole region, was proven by a prestigious prize "The Building of the Year" which KORADO was awarded in 1998. During 2007 KORADO started the implementation of the fourth production line and related technologies. This investment of about 700 million CZK (about 25 million EUR) is the second largest investment in the history of KORADO and it brought not only higher production efficiency but also an increase of the production capacity.

In 2010 and 2011 we made another investment into the installation of a new technology of capillary soldering of towel rail radiators KORALUX with the aim to produce and supply a larger number of towel rail radiators with even a higher quality.

The main production program of the plant in Česká Třebová is steel panel radiators RADIK, towel rail radiators KORALUX and design radiators KORATHERM.


The successful acquisition of the company LICON HEAT, s.r.o., carried out on 1st October 2013, was an important step towards even a stronger position of KORADO on the European market. With this step we extended our product portfolio with a complete range of floor, bench, wall and special convectors. The integration of the company LICON HEAT into KORADO Group is an important step in our long-term strategy to invest into innovative and progressive technologies and new products and product lines which will satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding customers.

Průmyslová zóna Sever
460 11 Liberec 11, Czech Republic
tel: + 420 485 131 157
e-mail: info@licon.cz
web: www.licon.cz

KORADO Bulgaria AD

In 1998 we gained a 98,2% share in the originally German-Bulgarian production plant in Strajica, Bulgaria. We made a significant reconstruction and modernisation of this plant in order to meet the demanding European parameters for production and then started to produce steel panel radiators RADIK here. These are manufactured in a similar range as in the mother factory and they are supplied to south-east Europe.

Trade Companies

KORADO Deutschland GmbH
Dr.-Wilhelm-Külz-Str. 61
15517 Fürstenwalde/Spree
Tel.: +49 3361 3763-65
Fax: +49 3361 3930411
E-mail: info@korado.de

KORADO Polska, Sp. z o. o
ul. Generala Okulickiego 4
05-500 Piaseczno
Tel.: +48 22 737 23 25
Fax: +48 22 737 23 25
E-mail: info@korado.pl

KORADO Bulgaria AD
28 Gladston str.
5150 Strajica
Tel.: +359 6161 4245
Fax: +359 6161 4242
E-mail: info@korado.bg

Anna Achmatova 35-A/102095 Kiev
Tel.: +380 44 498 07 97
E-mail: korado@voliacable.com