Войтех Чамек: Изпълняваме критериите за SOFIX до края на 2018 г.

Финансовият портал PROFIT.BG публикува интервю с Главния изпълнителен директор на групата КОРАДО  г-н Войтех Чамек.

Цялото интервю относно резултата за 2017 година и плановете за следващата година могат да бъдат открити  ТУК.

English version of the interview:

1. The shares of KORADO-Bulgaria are among the best performing on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange for 2017. What caused it?

We believe that the main causes are KBG´s performance in terms of profit and sales and also our transparency and openness towards our current and potential shareholders. We are very impressed with BSE and KBG´s share price functioning as a mature market. As it reacts to results very sensitively.

2. Will you continue to pay dividends to the shareholders for 2017 since it emerges to be a good financial year for you?

Definitely and regardless of potentially important investments. We consider dividends as a vital part of the stock market function.

3. What investments will be made in KORADO-Bulgaria in 2018?

We continue with preparation of our key investment in paintshop and accompanying infrastructure and technologies.

4. KORADO-Bulgaria shares have been trading on the most prestigious segment of our stock exchange. What is your next goal?  SOFIX perhaps ? Did you analyze what should be done to move KORADO-Bulgaria to the oldest stock market indicator in Bulgaria?

Definitely Sofix with 2018 to be the target year. We believe, we fulfill all criteria by the end of 2018. Strengthening the liquidity of KBG´s share by means of the market making contract was one of the prerequisites. The other one is further boost of the free float ratio.

5. Would you like to make your sales and profit forecast for 2017?

I would rather leave this unanswered and New Year surprise. However, the promising result for first nine months should not be worsen.

11. 12. 2017